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Implementing process improvement methodologies in any organization can be a failure unless you address the needs and goals properly while focusing on achieving the desired results, which is why many companies decide to rely on Lean Six Sigma consulting services.

Lean 6 Sigma is a method that takes time to integrate due to the continuous improvement and problem-solving culture that needs to be part of the organization for the implementation to be a success. For this, experts in the topic are required to handle all the projects related to it and adjust them to the current status of the company that wishes to integrate LSS.

LSS Colorado - Lean Six Sigma Consulting

If you are an organization that is considering and aiming for the task of implementing 6 Sigma, you have two options to address it:

  1. Train part of your workers for them to understand the basics, principles, and implementation of the methodology and have a well-versed team that can handle this task.
  2. Rely on external experts and consultants that are properly trained and certified and can start to work on your task right away.

Both options are viable depending on your final needs and the budget you have for it. If you decide to go for Lean Six Sigma consultants, make sure you are finding not only the nearest ones to your organization but also well-experienced and trained ones. At Lean Six Sigma Experts of Colorado, we can provide you with qualified consultants in LSS who will guarantee the perfect implementation and achieve process improvement results for any type of organization you own.

Our Lean 6 Sigma consultants will have the role of controlling quality by focusing on the customers’ requirements and meeting them but also, there will be a focus on reducing and eliminating waste, defects, and any variations. All this to achieve the final result of improving processes through taking the actions that allow your company to save time, effort, and resources overall.

Do You Need A Lean Six Sigma Consultant?

Not all organizations decide to implement the LSS methodology as a process improvement method. However, since it can be implemented in any company regardless of its size and type, it is an open option everyone can consider to achieve results. Which takes us to answer a non-asked question: is Lean Six Sigma worth it? Absolutely.

But do you need a consultant to implement it? As we mentioned before, it depends on the approach you want to give it and the final team you wish for your company. When you decide to implement the methodology, you will need several experts in LSS that can take of the current and future projects around it. Now, training several workers will take time and many resources you might not have at the moment of making the decision.

But it results in that implementing 6 Sigma is actually something your business needs as soon as possible. Well, Lean Six Sigma consultants can solve this problem by providing their services and guaranteeing you are not only starting projects around LSS but also achieving process improvement right away. Therefore, a way to answer the main question is to let you know you need consultants if you are trying to implement the methodology right away and need to see results.

Also, if you do not want to invest in training and certifications for several employees. With that said, the main reason to need the consultants is to be able to work with Lean 6 Sigma, which is good enough to invest in the services. A general answer to the question would be yes, you need Lean Six Sigma consultants if you are trying to integrate the method and especially if you are not willing to invest in LSS training and certifications.

LSS Colorado - Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

How to Access Lean Six Sigma Consultants in Colorado

Did you make the decision of relying on consultants for this methodology? Then, you need to think about who you will hire. Here at Lean Six Sigma Experts of Colorado, we offer well-trained and experienced consultants who have gone through specific belt training. An LSS team in a company is built not only for black belts but also yellow and green belts that take care of different tasks according to their roles.

In the case of our consultants, we will provide you with the necessary number to start the implementation in your company. Or if you want to keep the number up to 1 or 2, we can respect that to have a slow but firm start of the task. Our LSS consultants can be accessed in Lakewood, Pueblo, Denver, and throughout the state. All it takes is a call, email, or short visit to the nearest office to your company.

What Will Our Lean Six Sigma Consultants Achieve?

They will focus on assessing your company before anything else and start to plan how the methodology will be implemented based on your current processes and problems. What we can tell you in advance is that our consultants will make sure to implement LSS and achieve the desired results with it, being process improvement the main one.

This will be possible by taking the principles, tools, and objectives of LSS and implement them to make processes within your organization more productive, effective, and faster. Overall, you will achieve the objectives of eliminating waste, defects, variations, control production processes, improve them, identify problems and their sources, find solutions, and focus on customers’ requirements to obtain the products and services that are valuable for them and your company.

Now, another focus our Lean 6 Sigma consultants will have within your organization is to train several employees or workers if you wish for it. We want to build a reliable team with not only our consultants but also people that have been working with you for a long time. Besides, you can choose to have our LSS consultants helping you with the task for a long time or a year or so while your workers get trained and gain experience in the methodology.

There are different approaches and aspects to consider in this matter, and our consultants are here to help you with the implementation but also everything else that is related to what your company needs and will achieve with it.

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