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The Lean Six Sigma methodology is divided into different levels that determine the knowledge and role of each team member. The yellow belt represents the initial level where you will learn about terminology and the basics of LSS. Information and details about Lean 6 Sigma can be found on the Internet and other sources quite easily.

However, full understanding and interpretation of the basic detail and principles of the methodology are not easy to achieve unless you are well-versed in every aspect of it. This is why companies decide to train their workers in it and go through all the levels that are required according to the role they will meet within the company and LSS project.

LSS Colorado - Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

While particulars and individuals decide to take the training to add more skills to their aptitudes and expand the work and life opportunities, they can have thanks to learning about the methodology. Now, the Lean Six Sigma yellow belt is where all people start in order to have a base about it and continue to the next level or belt.

During it, you will learn the basics that involve an explanation and concept of what is Lean Six Sigma but also a deep training based on its structure, objectives, principles, and how it helps companies to improve processes. To access all the information and yellow belt training, our company Lean Six Sigma Experts of Colorado will provide you with the perfect program for it.

Our yellow belt training includes all the previous aspects and information but also a certification you will obtain once completed. We want to make sure you achieve your goal of being properly trained and well-versed in LSS for either the company you are working at the moment or just have it for future opportunities.

What Does A Six Sigma Yellow Belt Teach?

Besides LSS concepts and terminology, which are crucial for an expert in the methodology, every person who gets trained learns several aptitudes. Being more organized, responsible, develops a problem-solving personality, more confidence, among other aptitudes. It is a matter of the skills you acquire more than the information itself.

After all, you need to build a Lean Six Sigma profile in order to be prepared not only to understand it but also to implement the methodology in the future. With that said, our yellow belt training focuses on a few more elements compared to other trainers and experts. We work around the terminology, concepts, and skills, but we want to make sure you have a base of the implementation process and how it helps companies.

At the same time, we aim to teach you about data collecting and how to measure outcomes to develop Lean 6 Sigma projects and manages them. Therefore, when taking our Six Sigma yellow belt training, expect a wide range of topics to cover:

  • Lean 6 Sigma terminology and principles.
  • The basics about data collecting and measuring outcomes and processes.
  • Essentials tools in the Lean Six Sigma methodology.
  • How to incorporate 6 Sigma to improve processes and achieve its objectives—and yours.
  • How to create a Lean Six Sigma culture, bring flexibility and change.
  • Learn about your role as a yellow belt and future ones if decide to continue the training.
LSS Colorado - Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Is It Difficult to Get A Yellow Belt Certification?

With proper training and understanding of the methodology, there is no need to worry about how hard it will be to obtain your certification. After every belt training, the person can apply for the exam to get certified. This will depend on the trainers and experts he or she relied on to get trained.

With us at Lean Six Sigma Experts of Colorado, you will have the opportunity to go for all the steps: training and certification. When applying or requesting our yellow belt services, you can either choose to get trained by our experts or go for the certification exam. It depends on if you are already trained in the matter and only need certification, or if you are looking for both.

Now, it is not hard to obtain a yellow belt certification with us since everyone can request to take the international exam and get certified once approved. Also, we open our services to employees from a company or organizations themselves that are looking to have their workers trained. And to particulars who want to add yellow belt training and certification to their qualities, skills, and curriculum.

Benefits of Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

For companies, having workers that are starting to build the Lean Six Sigma culture is crucial. Some make the mistake to go through the entire change that this methodology involves without actually taking the time to train their employees properly and slowly. It is not a bad option to include all experts and start its implementation right away, but small roles such as yellow belts play an important role in building the project and future maintenance and improvement.

Keeping the benefits that come with Lean 6 Sigma as well, is a way to look at the benefits of the yellow belt in specific: identify and solve problems, start to collect data and measure outcomes, study processes, and understand them. Now, particulars will eventually be part of an organization that is implementing Six Sigma, which is why the previous benefits can be considered.

But to a personal level, people who decide to get trained and certified in it obtain other benefits:

  • Better salary.
  • More work opportunities.
  • Be valuable for most companies and industries.
  • Develop new skills.
  • Wide range of job positions to choose from.

Along with the benefits, people and companies ask if it is worth investing in yellow belt training and certification. And we can tell you that based on the previous mentions but also specific objectives companies and particulars can achieve depending on their situation, starting in Lean 6 Sigma is a great investment. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us if you are located in Colorado.

Our experts will deliver training and certification services to any person or company throughout the state that needs them. All you need to do is to call, send an email, or pay a short visit to the nearest office.

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