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The best way to improve a company’s performance and its processes is by implementing Lean Six Sigma, and it is viable for any organization in Pueblo.

But how does Lean 6 Sigma work and how is it used to achieve process improvement and growth? Companies will need experts that understand its principles, concepts, know-how to use LSS tools, and can deliver solutions for the problems identified.

LSS Colorado - Pueblo CO

To have experts in your company that can help you with the entire process, there are two options:

  • Access Lean Six Sigma training to have several of your employees trained in the methodology.
  • Request Lean Six Sigma consultants from a reliable company in the city.

At Lean Six Sigma Experts of Colorado, we can offer you both solutions. After all, our experts are able to train you in different levels of the methodology to guarantee you have basic knowledge about it or grow to the point of being able to supervise an entire LSS team and project.

On the other hand, our Lean Six Sigma consultants are available for any company in the city that needs to work around the methodology and start obtaining results. Handling 6 Sigma takes a lot of work due to the focuses it has to achieve process improvement. Therefore, having well-trained and experienced consultants will be a must for your success.

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In order for your company to start working with Lean Six Sigma, you need to make the decision of how you will approach the matter.

If you choose to access our Lean 6 Sigma training, all you need is to contact us and request the specific belt you need for your employees. We offer the yellow, green, and black belts that correspond to different levels in the methodology, being the yellow belt the initial one.

Our role will be to teach your workers everything about the methodology and help them scale in levels for you to be able to have a full team. Depending on the specific belt training your employees will get, they will have different roles:

  • Yellow belt: the expert has basic knowledge about Lean Six Sigma but knows how it helps companies. His or her role is to report process issues and measure projects.
  • The green belt has a better understanding of the methodology and knows how to implement it properly, which is why he or she is able to start and manage projects while also training yellow belts.
  • Black belt: is the leader, coach, and mentor of all team members and supervises every project while taking care of finding problems, their sources, and solving them.
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Now, if you choose to access our Lean Six Sigma consultants and have them working in your company, we will be able to provide you with as many as needed within the first 24 hours. They will take of the entire process of building the LSS culture and implementing it properly to achieve the desired results.

Keep in mind our services are available for any company in Pueblo and for individuals who want to access Lean 6 Sigma training, it is available for you as well.

There are so many areas or regions where we offer these services with most of them being cities.

However, if you need any of these services, you need to contact us. The list below comprises the areas where we offer these services.