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The Lean Six Sigma world includes many concepts, principles, tools, and objectives that companies in Fort Carson need to keep up with in order to achieve the desired results with it, which include:

  • Process improvement.
  • Reducing waste.
  • Eliminating defects and variations.
  • Identifying problems within the company and their sources.
  • Finding solutions for these problems.
  • Meeting customer satisfaction by focusing on their requirements.
  • Creating a continuous improvement culture within the company.
LSS Colorado - Fort Carson CO

Now, Lean 6 Sigma is not entirely necessary in an organization but it can help to obtain the previous results much faster and boost the company’s performance and growth thanks to the aspects and elements it covers. If you own a company in the city and are trying to implement 6 Sigma, you will need to train several of your workers in the methodology or find enough people to build a team that can handle its implementation and projects.

For this, our role at Lean Six Sigma Experts of Colorado is to provide you with all the necessary training to prepare your workers in different roles and levels of compliance and understanding of the method. Our yellow belt training is for beginners and will help them understand LSS while also allow them to fulfill roles that report issues and measure projects.

The green belt training focuses on making an expert that is able to start and manage Lean 6 Sigma projects while black belt training is aimed to create a leader for the entire team that can supervise all actions, problems, and projects. All 3 types of training are available for workers in a company that wants to have their employees working on the methodology in the following months. And for those individuals that are trying to get trained in order to add value to themselves as workers and particulars.

What Are Lean Six Sigma Consultants?

If you do not have time to train an entire team of workers to work with Lean Six Sigma, you have the alternative of hiring consultants for it. Our Lean Six Sigma consultants are able to take the role in your company and implement the methodology by considering your problems and objectives as a business.

They will take care of identifying problems, solving them, achieving the previous results—reducing waste, eliminating defects, and so on—, and allow your organization to be competitive.

LSS Colorado - What Is Lean Six Sigma

Hiring consultants is the best option if you want to start the implementation right away while also training part of your workers. The Lean 6 Sigma consultants we will provide you are going to work towards the implementation and results but also deliver training if this is what you wish for.

The 6 Sigma training for your workers can be done in-person or online to make things comfortable for both parties. Overall, consultants will be the experts you need in your company to handle the entire process or provide you with advice to determine if you are going in the right direction with your LSS projects.

If you are interested in these professionals for your organization in Fort Carson or are deciding to get trained as a personal objective, make sure to contact us and our experts will be with you in every step.

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